Where should I publish? Quality, journals and the list of lists in Business and Management

After my earlier post on where not to publish, a number of people contacted me to say words along the line of, ‘That’s all very well, young man, but where do we publish?’ (I’ve embellished a bit with the ‘young man’ part!)

The answer is two-fold. When considering where to publish, you should take account of the following factors.

  1. The audience you’re trying to reach.
  2. The quality of your paper.
  3. The quality of the journals you’re considering in the light of the first two factors.

Supervisors, colleagues and (if you’re a student yourself) fellow research students can always help out on these and, for the third there are also quality rankings for journals. One of the longer-standing lists comes from Professor Anne-Wil Harzing of the ESCP Europe Business School and it includes journals in which people in the fields of Business and Management  might publish.

Reflecting the multi-disciplinary approaches used by Business and Management scholars, the list covers a range of other disciplines including Business History, Communications, Public Sector Management, Psychology, Sociology and Tourism.

The benefit of this list is that, for all the journals covered by it (and there are a lot), it gives the rankings for that journal from over 20 other journal ranking lists.

The list, first published in 2000, can be found here and is worth perusing to get a sense of the areas of variation and agreement over quality and a good sense of why quality is so difficult to define.

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2 Responses to Where should I publish? Quality, journals and the list of lists in Business and Management

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  2. Fleur Fallon says:

    Thank you for the lists of suspect journals and acceptable ‘good’ journals…
    often my Chinese colleagues are tempted to publish in ‘open access’ journals that require a hefty fee for editing and publishing! It is also difficult for them to gracefully decline if the editor/ co-editor is a ‘friend’!

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