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The importance of choosing the right PhD examiner… a sideways look at the possible consequences…

Choosing the right examiners for a PhD (or other research degree) is very important. You want examiners who are able to assess the thesis in its own terms and in the context of the paradigm within which it is set … Continue reading

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The PhD as Quest: The Movie!!

In 2013, I presented a paper at the excellent biennial Stellenbosch conference on doctoral supervision. It drew on the poet W.H Auden’s discussion of the ‘hero’ as a key component in Quest literature, a form of story known to all … Continue reading

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Invitation to complete a short survey on ‘Influential literature and scholars in the field of doctoral education’

As is easily discovered, I work as part of the Research Education Team in the Learning & Teaching Unit at the University of South Australia and I am currently working on a research project examining: (a) the most influential and … Continue reading

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After the UK REF, the IREF…the Intergalactic Research Excellence Framework

For the last couple of decades, exercises to assess the extent to which university research is excellent have been all the rage. The UK led the way with the RAE (Research Assessment Exercise) to be followed by Australia, New Zealand, … Continue reading

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Tips for interpreting research…the do’s and the don’t’s

There’s an increasing volume of research being published, driven in large part by the ‘publish or perish’ culture and the associated regular national assessments of research quality, and also university league tables. Because research is presented in print form, this … Continue reading

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Correlation or Causation? The Curious Case of Mozzarella and US CIvil Engineering Doctoral Awards

You’ve collected your data, coded it, got your license for SPSS, inputted (is inputted a word?) it, and finally run correlations for all variables against all other variables and you’ve got an interesting selection of significant correlations. If they mean … Continue reading

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Ever wanted to peer-review your own papers? Too much vibration and not enough control!

Have you ever thought how much easier it would be to get published if you could review you own papers for journals? Well, here’s the story of one, initially successful but ultimately unsuccessful, attempt to do just that. As one … Continue reading

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