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Tips for interpreting research…the do’s and the don’t’s

There’s an increasing volume of research being published, driven in large part by the ‘publish or perish’ culture and the associated regular national assessments of research quality, and also university league tables. Because research is presented in print form, this … Continue reading

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Writing, bare bones and metaphor – the importance of structure

After a break for a holiday to catch up with family in the UK and a short stop over in Hong Kong, a city I’ve never previously visited, I’m promoted to reinvigorate Doctoral Education To Go…by an excellent short piece … Continue reading

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Ever wanted to peer-review your own papers? Too much vibration and not enough control!

Have you ever thought how much easier it would be to get published if you could review you own papers for journals? Well, here’s the story of one, initially successful but ultimately unsuccessful, attempt to do just that. As one … Continue reading

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Paper rejection? Fear not! Fascinating blog/article on journal rejections and subsequent citations

Have you ever had a paper rejected by a journal? Was it a lower impact journal that you chose because you really wanted to get something published? Well, fear not. All is not lost! In a blog that is well … Continue reading

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Where should I publish? Quality, journals and the list of lists in Business and Management

After my earlier post on where not to publish, a number of people contacted me to say words along the line of, ‘That’s all very well, young man, but where do we publish?’ (I’ve embellished a bit with the ‘young … Continue reading

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How to write a title for an article or a chapter

If you found your way to this page via a search engine, you most probably typed into the search box something like ‘How do I write an article title?’ You’ll notice that that is basically the title of this article. … Continue reading

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Academic freedom, journals and business priorities

An interesting row has blown up over the publication of a special edition of the journal Prometheus: Critical Studies in Innovation which has, according to the Times Higher, led its Editorial Board to the brink of resignation. The journal’s publisher, … Continue reading

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